You really only live once

IMG_20180110_151252.JPGWho ever knew that life does really go on without you, Chike thought & sighed..
After 6 months in recovery at the hospital, life seemed strange outside. His younger sister was two months pregnant, his younger brother had finally gotten admission into uni and was about to start exams.
“You mean nobody’s life was put on hold for that duration mine was?” He thought to himself. Undisputedly he was alarmed, having lived his life like there was always something better to come and never really appreciating and living in the moment.
“I only got one life to live” he whispered. He finally realized that life is ever in motion, you either enjoy the ride or wilt and wince in pain as the driver turns wildly and breaks with a screech unannounced.
This story albeit fictional is to point out one thing, ‘
Life does move on without you plus the no-brainer “You only live once”.
If you realize how fleeting life is, how lucky are you to have come to this realization. It opens up your mind to the realities of life, you want to do more, say more and live in the moment.
Everything has an expiry time, yes; including you. You constantly have to grow and evolve till your beautiful body wilts away and marries the earth.
Your life is a gift, share it with others and make beautiful forever memories.
Remember that procrastination is not your friend, you keep putting off doing important things, albeit little; they form a gigantic waste of time in the long run.

Nakita Johnson

The world doesn’t need a hug, stop tightening it to your chest. Live life to the fullest by staying conscious & basking in the moment. Remember you do not get out alive, hell nobody does!
Feel free to share you wow! moment- ie the moment life slapped you in the face with its absurdities & picturesque fleetness. 
DISCLAIMER: I don’t know it all and this isn’t a how to live your life post but to create a reasoning process to make your life better.
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6 Tips For Reducing Translation Costs in Business Contracts

Hi guys, so this is my first feature post for the year. Read and learn!

Morningside translation is a translation service that provide global solutions by using local expertise combined with passion to provide clear communications and help businesses bridge the gap between different languages and cultures.


In the global marketplace, legal contracts are important tools for any business. When working in local languages, however, the stakes are even higher. By their nature, contracts are binding agreements, so translation errors and mistakes can live long after the signing of documents.

Addressing those mistakes can cause unnecessary legal costs in fines, mediation, and lawsuits. The best way to avoid problems is to engage a professional translator with experience in the legal field right from the beginning.

You can save translation costs by also considering these six tips:

1. Use Contract Models and Templates

Much contract writing is based on tradition, knowledge of the local legal framework, and what has worked before. Utilize this situation for your own cost- and time-efficiency by using contract models and templates that reflect the legal governance of the country that you are working in. Referring to a standardized format will make it easier to conduct contract translations.

Not every country works in the legal framework of the U.S., so understanding another country’s way of doing business reduces repetitive legal drafting and translation costs.

While you should avoid legalese whenever possible, in some situations you might not be able to avoid it. Legal systems often have requirements regarding warranties or liabilities and expected, standard contract language that reflect legal precedents can have higher authority than completely new text. An expert in the translation services for the local market will typically be aware of this issue and make solid recommendations.

2. Reduce ‘Legalese’

By keeping language as plain and straightforward as possible, translation becomes smoother and faster. As a result, it also becomes cheaper.

Avoid words that even a native English speak would struggle with. These terms, collectively known as ‘legalese’, include “ergos,” “hithertos,” and “hences”, often have no equivalent in another language and therefore lead to complications and increased time to translate. Avoid such terminology and produce a base document that speaks directly to the business at hand.

3. Avoid Jargon

Every profession has its own quirks of language and expression, and the legal profession often uses archaic words and syntax that do not translate easily into non-English languages. By using words with obvious meanings without room for interpretation, the translation process works more quickly. Keep the legal jargon to legally defined terms and ideas.

4. Eliminate Unnecessary Words

Often in business contracts, redundant words are used with the intent to clarify meaning, only to make the language more vague and confusing. Use words that have a clear meaning for what is being conveyed.

Using a phrase such as “..hires, engages and contracts for…” is often unnecessary and might have no useful equivalents in other languages. Keep things clear and simple, and consult with a translation expert for advice on the best course of action.

5. Exploit Translation Memory

A huge bonus of working with a language service provider is that they use software that records and archives translations for future use. The software recognizes previously existing contract language and saves translation costs by pulling the previous translation from its database. The less time a professional translation firm spends translating the same material over and over, the more money your business can save in translation fees.

Language translation professionals typically charge on a per-word basis. Seeking out a professional language service that utilizes a translation memory approach can save hours of work and the associated costs. If your business regularly works in the same markets with the same business contracts, partnering with the same translation service eliminates the need to retranslate – and pay for – pre-existing materials.

6. Planning Ahead Saves Time and Money

By engaging a professional translation firm, businesses can avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings in their contract translations before they become problems. You can also limit your translation costs and time by being clearer and more transparent with your original documents for translation by following these cost-savings tips above.

A Sure Guide to making and keeping New Year Resolutions


Pencil Enchill 

It’s 2018 people! If you’re reading this, congrats you made it! 😀 A new year is a herald of new things or the improvement of the old.

Of course this is when resolutions trend the most. Everybody wants to sit up and get things right, Even if it’s for the first 3 months of the year (Rme). Regardless of its clichéness, It is always a good idea and an amazing feeling to set goals for yourself and smash them.
Take note tho that it’s not for everybody. Even tho it serves as a reminder and some sort of guide, some people still don’t buy into because of reasons of their own. Don’t be deterred, set yours with a win proof plan. Firstly I’m going to concentrate on things to let go off. I believe that a clean up of bad vibes is necessary to cultivate & replace new ones.

Pencil Enchill 

1. Comparison!. This is an ultimate joy stealer. You become so involved and concerned in other peoples life and activities, comparing your level/substance to theirs it just becomes stifling, and if by any chance you feel that there are somewhat more successful than you are, then another evil emotion births- jealousy. DON’T COMPARE ! This is so difficult, I will not even lie but like all bad habits they can be replaced. Instead of comparing look inward and be grateful for your present, remember you’re not where you used to be and somebody out there is less privileged and wishes he/she had some of the things your life is composed of. Remember dissuade from comparing yourself to a friend/foe, and churn out words of gratitude and praise. STAY GRATEFUL! 
2. Jealousy:  This is a no brainer girls and boys. Except you want still want bitterness to reside in your heart, lick all your good vibes and choke it up, you had better drop it like it’s hot. Like all great things, it takes time and requires discipline, but it can be done. Have an extensive read here
3. Laziness: 
Indeed there are perks of laziness,
  • You have ample time doing nothing, (like nothing beats this)
  • You can always shift things to tomorrow or never. (So exciting 😒)
And more…
If you’re a serious minded person like me or want to be. You cannot afford to slack or procrastinate. Because time flies, before you know it, you’re left wondering where it went.
So what should our new year resolution look like and what are the key elements it must contain to make it work.
First of, start with evaluating- How many of last year’s resolutions you kept? There is a popular saying which states “Procrastination is the thief of time.” 
We keep promising ourselves we’ll do better. But “resolutions” only happen when you’re “resolute.” That means having a mind that’s made up.
 So here are four resolutions you need to make up your mind to keep this year:
(1) Take time for what really matters. Get up earlier in order to read your Bible and pray before entering the day. Make more time for your family. Start exercising and eating right. Take better care of your body; it’s God’s temple and your haven.
(2) Tackle one thing at a time. Taking on too many things at once dilutes your focus and makes it harder to stick with things. When you start too much, you finish too little. So start where you are and build on your successes by mastering and maintaining one thing at a time.
(3) Start small. 
Don’t try to swallow the whole enchilada in one bite; baby steps are the name of the game. Talk in terms of what you will do instead of what you won’t. For example, instead of saying, “I’m not going to be so critical,” try saying, “Today I’m going to look for something good in everyone I meet”.
(4) Record your progress or lack of it. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. By facing the truth you’ll see how far you’ve come, and what you still need to work on. The Bible says, “Throw yourself into your tasks so…everyone will see your progress”.
Ps: I included snippets from word for today devotional.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t know it all and this isn’t a how to live your life post but to create a reasoning process to make your life better.
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Maddening beauty standard

1513924563708The beauty standard of the world is always evolving, One day being skinny and lanky is equal to maddening beauty. The next day it’s full figured, round booty and shapely curve.(*wink*Kim k/Nicki fan club)
Woe onto you that was once celebrated because of your skinniness but now scorned because the society which features fickle human beings like you decided to do a switch up from skinny chicken to robust Turkey.*lol
So what’s this rant for you ask?
Don’t conform to the world’s standard because you’re doomed to be stuck in a rut. Imagine the heart ache after doing a lip reduction procedure only to find out the next season that it’s Fuller lips that’s now referred to as sexy. People will always have differing opinions on different standards, be it beauty standards, intelligence standards or anything else.
Truth is you cannot appeal
Be the realest version of yourself not some knocked up version the world demands of you.
Compliments of the season! been a while folks! Hope you missed me on here, cause I sure did miss the hella out of you folks.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t know it all and this isn’t a how to live your life post but to create a reasoning process to make your life better.
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Bodak Yellow Hits No 1 on Billboard Chart

Soo Queen C is not only the hottest kid on the block but the smoothest female rapper.  Her hit single bodak yellow Just recently topped the billboard chat.  She’s the first rapper to do so. 

The single peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making Cardi B the first female rapper to top the chart with a solo output since Lauryn Hill‘s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” debuted atop the chart in 1998

22 really strange phobias there is

baysidejournal-phobia.jpgA phobia is an irrational fear, a kind of anxiety disorder in which the individual has a relentless dread of a situation, living creature, place, or thing. The sufferer of a phobia is often very distressed and functioning normally is quite difficult. They become very panicky and it can be difficult to control their reactions.
There is almost a phobia for everything, For some people even thinking about their phobia is immensely distressing. Phobias are caused as a result of very terrible memories of something that happened early in life which later becomes something to be dreaded.
maxresdefault (5).jpg

Facts about phobias

Here are some key points about phobias.

  • Phobias are much more serious than simple fears.
  • Females more commonly suffer from phobias than males.
  • Despite phobic individuals being aware that their fear is irrational, they cannot control the feelings.
  • Symptoms may include sweating, chest pains, dizziness, chest tightness, a sensation of choking, Nausea, the feeling of pins and needles.
  • Specific brain areas are involved in phobias.

There are 3 categories of phobias:

  • Specific phobia(simple phobias): A disproportionate fear about specific situations, living creatures, places, activities, or things.
  • Social Phobia(complex phobias): A person with social phobia finds being in social situations difficult and sometimes unbearable.
  • Agoraphobia(complex phobias): An individual with agoraphobia is frightened of finding themselves in situations where there is no escape; they fear being stuck in a desperate situation with no help

Phobias can be strange in itself but there are some really extra strange phobias. I am going to list just a few that really stood out to me.
1. Anuptaphobia– Fear of staying single. ( most Nigerian girls suffer from this.. lol)
2. Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens. ( I am a proud sufferer..)
3. Angrophobia – Fear of anger or of becoming angry.
4. Melophobia- Fear or hatred of music. (why??)

5. Arrhenphobia- Fear of men. ( i totally get this can be a handful sometimes.)
6. Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
7. Cacophobia- Fear of ugliness.
8. Caligynephobia- Fear of beautiful women.
9. Cathisophobia- Fear of sitting.
10. Chorophobia- Fear of dancing.
11. Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia– Fear of money. (huh?)
12. Ecclesiophobia- Fear of church.
13. Electrophobia- Fear of electricity.
14. Eleutherophobia- Fear of freedom.
15. Epistemophobia- Fear of knowledge.
16. Ereuthrophobia- Fear of blushing.
17. Geliophobia- Fear of laughter.
18. Geumaphobia or Geumophobia- Fear of taste.
19. Gynephobia or Gynophobia- Fear of women.
20. Hedonophobia- Fear of feeling pleasure.
21. Ithyphallophobia- Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.
22. Mnemophobia- Fear of memories.


How to deal with the J word: Jealousy 

Jealousy like every other human emotion is not special to only you. Other people have been in your shoes, I too have been in your shoes and I overcame it. 
I used to feel like I couldn’t ever be jealous until I got into that situation. Now I’m going to take you step by step how I worked through it. 

Of course it wasn’t easy, but because I knew I couldn’t allow such negativity in my space, I knew that work had to be put in, not just work but a conscious effort to resist that feeling. 

Firstly I told myself, babe you have different paths in life, you can’t be comparing your existence to how another person is existing. Can you imagine a fish jealous of a bird?, crazy right but that’s how it is. Even if you’re in the same line of business or work in the same office, you both cannot have the same life pattern. It is impossible. 

So once you accept that, you can move on to the next level which is positive affirmation. Understandably you might be wary about affirmations cause sometimes your emotion feel one thing while you’re saying another thing. Don’t worry give it time you would get to that stage where it will become your reality. 

Basically those are the major things that helped me. As I said before it wasn’t a walk in the park but I got over it and now with my experience I can handle that particular emotion better,  but I believe that I can’t ever go through that again because jealousy is a bastard,  carrying somebody matter on top your head like they’re paying you and at the end of the day the person keeps progressing while you’re there getting bitter. 

Jealousy rids you of the focus you need. You are good enough, your life is on the right path, repeat that to yourself. Quit putting your nose in other people’s business so you can smell the sweet frangance your own life is emitting. Focus on how to be the best version of yourself, I wish you luck. 

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know it all and this isn’t a how to live your life post but to create a reasoning process to make your life better.


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